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*Estimates based on the AAA Your Driving Costs 2014 Edition using an average of 15,000 miles per year at a cost of 58.9¢ per mile for gas, maintenance, tires, insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation, and finance charge. This average was based on a $3.617/gallon cost of gas (the July 14th, 2014 U.S. price from AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report). You may override this estimate by entering your actual gasoline costs and MPG in the form above.

Ridesharing Has Its Perks

Ridesharing is an alternative way to get to work — and special incentives offered through IE Commuter make it a rewrding option. Incentives are available to commuters who ride the bus, train, carpool or vanpool, telecommute, bike, or walk to work.

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